We’ve found a common thread

Hi, I’m Aaron, founder of 9tofive. Our story starts in Thailand. It was 2012, when the craftsmanship of one small, family-run business stood out from all other tailors. They became my personal go-to for a perfect suit.

So many people complimented the quality of these suits. That’s when I thought: I need to share this with everyone. Starting with my local neighborhood – Brooklyn.

That’s how 9tofive was born. From a desire to turn the feeling of community into a company that provides amazing suits. All the while supporting every individual in the supply chain with a decent wage and feeling of partnership.

We care about what you wear, and the people who make it.


Perfect fit, minimal hassle

Our suits are made to be worn so we consider your needs every time we design a new style. We’ve created quality pieces that are fresh, versatile, and comfortable for everyday wear. Plus, we’ve carefully crafted our purchasing process to meet you where you’re at, so you’re not wasting your entire Saturday going to the tailor.

Whether you’re getting a suit for a wedding, or adding a new staple to your work wardrobe, you’re going to feel great repping 9tofive.


100% family-owned

At 9tofive, we care about what most big suit companies don’t: forming productive and respectful partnerships with everyone along our supply chain. Our founder is personally involved in each step of the process; from fabric sourcing, to construction and tailoring, to your suit arriving at your door.

Your 9tofive suit is hand-cut and stitched in a residential area of Thailand, away from the city and its large factories. Our partners there are a generations-old, family-run business that makes everything out of their workshop. They work with us, not for us.



We believe in the power of the local business; of forming genuine relationships and creating a sustainable economy within in your own neighborhood. We work alongside small, local tailors to offer you service that’s quick, convenient, and enriching to the community.

We want you to develop a relationship with your tailor, so you trust them with more than just your 9tofive suit. Because it’s not about buying a product, it’s about reshaping your relationship to the clothes you wear.