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John j. Bridgestone

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Frequently asked questions

Who pays me for the tailoring services, the customer or 9TOFIVE?

We do! At 9tofive, we use PayPal as our digital B2B payment solution to pay tailors direct for all services (customers don’t pay a dime). Once the alteration appointment is confirmed complete, our platform will issue the payment for service to you via PayPal. Payment can take 3-4 business days to appear.

How do I set my price for alteration services?

The price you charge for alterations is completely up to you. After you have successfully onboarded, we will collect your service price list. Payment are sent via PayPal.

How will I know when customers are scheduled to arrive at my shop?

Once a customer selects your business to provide measurement or alteration services, the 9tofive platform will send you a confirmation email with the customer name, appointment type, date and time. We also send a reminder email, to the customer and business, the morning of the appointment.

This sounds great but how does it all work?

Click HERE to watch a video explaining the 9tofive experience.

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